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Our latest member of the month shows that you can enjoy the finest foods and drinks in life without having to sacrifice your health. Having spent 10 years in hospitality and now working in sales for a premium spirits distributor, Benjamin Wainwright lives his life to the fullest.

Growing up in an athletic family, Ben has always been into fitness but after leaving school, bounced around a few different casual sports and has tried “Pretty much every commercial style gym, HIIT program or at-home program. F45 was probably the one I stuck with the longest, and I think that was only about 4 or so months. “

At BBB, our coaches understand that consistency is key to achieving any fitness goals, however, for many this can waver due to the repetitiveness of the training and the lack of motivation. Our programming not only teaches new skills but keeps training fun.

“I love the fact that I get to learn new skills and I can feel myself progress through these skills. I can get bored very easily, so having something that I can get better at captures my attention. Plus, it’s nice being around a regular group of like-minded people. It’s an incredible community!“

Not only has Ben added kipping handstand pushups to his repertoire and changed his physique, but he has also overcome an old back injury that has held him back from training.

At BBB we pride ourselves on moving pain-free as well as on performance and physique.

“The level of care and detail is second to none. I can see there is a genuine desire for the coaches to help you see the progression. “
Within about 3 weeks of me starting I noticed I was starting to have an old lower back injury creep back in. I ignored it for a while, but it got increasingly worse.

When I told Brady about it, he immediately wanted to open up a dialogue with the physio I was seeing to discuss best management practices for me, which I found very impressive. Even more impressive is that the rest of the coaches were already briefed, and I didn’t have to go around re-explaining it every session.”

Whether you are starting out, recovering from an injury, or just in need of a change-up for summer. Our coaches are here to help you overcome any hesitations you may have.


Catherine Tran

Functional Transformation Coach

BodyByBrando, North Sydney


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