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As one of our founding members at North Sydney, Alasdair has committed to getting up at 5:30 am to train daily and is now one of our smiling faces in the morning classes. This has been a new change that initially caused some nerves but once he got into the routine, it has become a habit.

Between balancing his job running a startup, his family Natalie and Jasmine their cat, Alasdair’s commitment to the BBB ethos has seen a lot of change.

“I love hitting new weights in the gym or learning something new. That said, it’s my physique which I’ve seen the biggest improvement in!”

Alasdair’s goal is to put on lean mass without adding body fat. Following the BBB nutrition protocols and committing to training, he has achieved this in less than 3 months. “I lost 4kg and learned a whole load of new movements. Once I’m down to 80kg (almost there) I’ll build back up slowly keeping the healthy habits I picked up along the way.”

At BBB we pride ourselves on being inclusive and being able to scale all workouts to fit an individual person’s needs. There will always be anxiety and nerves about starting something new. “Before BBB I was intimidated by Olympic lifts and CrossFit style intense workouts. However, the supportive environment has made learning/practicing the new lifts one of my favorite things about the whole experience. As a result, you get fun but intense workout.”

At BBB we are driven to get you to achieve your goals. All you have to do is start!


Brady Goodsell

North Sydney Manager

BodyByBrando, North Sydney


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