WHAT: Movement 4 Movement Charity Training event- all donations will go to Huntington’s NSW


WHEN: Saturday 23rd July, 10AM – 11:30 AM

In partnership with Huntington’s NSW, Body By Brando, will be holding a charity training session from 10am – 11:30am on Saturday the 23rd of July.

The team workout will be suitable for all fitness abilities, those wishing to attend are asked to make a monetary donation of their choice to Huntington’s NSW https://give.everydayhero.com/au/bodybybrando -movement4movement.

The final event will run as follows: 

– Teams of 4 will complete a workout designed by BBB in a friendly competition against the other teams. The idea is to work hard and induce fatigue, as a way to then appreciate movement.  

– If you would like to be apart of this main event you will need to organise a team of 4 and purchase your spot for $250 per team. 

– We are offering corporate sponsors the ability to “sponsor a team” or create their own team which they can use for advertising. This will also be a $250 donation to the link above. 

– There will be prizes and giveaways on the day, as well a great atmosphere with well over 250 people expected to come. 

Huntington’s disease impacts five to seven people per 100,000,  worldwide and more than 1,600 people in Australia alone. It is a progressive, inherited, degenerative brain disorder that produces physical, mental and emotional changes.

The event has been designed to encourage people to move their bodies, to raise money for those who don’t have the choice to do so.

Sufferers experience symptoms that are relative to the individual and can include; a loss of coordination, loss of memory, as well as walking and speech difficulties. Their inability to actively connect the mind and the muscles sheds light on the power of cognition and how this relationship is often unforeseen.

The luxury of being present with the ability to control our day to day movements doesn’t come easily to everyone.

The work that Huntington’s NSW do for the community is extremely valuable, and you too can show your support by donating to help find a cure.

To attend this charity training session at Body By Brando donate by following the link  below. https://give.everydayhero.com/au/bodybybrando -movement4movement

Movement for Movement

The movement for movement charity event, has been designed to raise money and awareness for a cause that BodyByBrando are very passionate about. Huntington’s disease is often misunderstood, and is a little known disease. It causes a lack of freedom and restricts movement; a skill which each day we make the choice to take full advantage of or not. Some however don’t have that option, which is why BBB feel so passionately about unrestricted movement.

To learn more about Huntington’s NSW visit: http://www.huntingtonsnsw.org.au/


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