On the 23rd July from 10am Body By Brando is hosting a charity event to raise money and awareness for the detrimental disease, known as Huntington’s Disease (HD). 

The response we have received thus far has been great, locking in community members and local BBB clients. A number of health and fitness focused sponsors, have been confirmed as well as key media publications and influencers- but we would love for some more of our friends, or anyone interested in moving their bodies for a great cause to come down and be involved in a great day.

So far we have:

– Commando Steve and Michelle Bridges

– 98 Riley Team 

– Andrew ‘Pap’ Papadopoulos 

– Tim Robards and many other special Guests

Our fantastic Corporate sponsors will be supplying plenty of FREE and discounted products on the day. We will be having stalls and product testing from the following:

– Lululemon Athletica

– True Protein

– KC Chiropractic

– Bondi Juice Company


– KIT Active Wear  

H2 Coco – Coconut water

– The Clean Treats Factory

– Chief Bars

And many more to be confirmed.

The event will also be covered by a number of key media publications- who will also be amongst the action on the day. At this stage, the event will be covered by the below media publications: 

9 MSN Coach

Daily Mail

Wentworth Courier

To be involved and confirm your spot we are asking you to donate at https://give.everydayhero.com/au/bodybybrando-movement4movement/edit#edit-story to help us to continue making this a wonderful and special day. 

Each day we make a choice as to whether we take full advantage of our ability to move without restriction, yet some people don’t have that option. 

I’m sure you can understand that at BBB, with our passion for unrestricted movement and an unrestricted mindset, it only makes sense to try and help those who have that choice taken away from them by raising some money to help find a cure. 

We are expecting a great turnout, with close to 200+ people having confirmed, all of which will be competing in our 3 movement based events, which advocate the appreciation of movement.

On the day, we are expecting close to 200+ people, plus media, who will be participate in one of our 3 events, which are all movement based in order to advocate the appreciation of movement. 

The main event (which will kick off at 11am) will involve simple movements that can be performed by most abled bodies. The workout will be performed in teams of 4, taking turns in completing reps of the designated movements until all reps are finished.

The event will start with all 4 team members running laps around the building (800m in total)

The each team will have to chip away at the following movement, with only 1 person from each team working at a time, each movement is to be completed before moving on to the next movement.

– 500 air squats

– 300 push ups

– 100 burpees

EXTRA RULE: There will be 1 barbell for each team which will have to be held off the ground in order for the team to be working. This will require excellent coordination and team work.

We will have a mini ceremony after the event and allow people to mingle and have food provided.

The main event will be a pre-sold event in which we are asking you to organise yourselves into a team of 4 and donate $250 (as a team) to secure one of our limited spots. 
If you are an individual, you can also participate for $75 and we will place you in a team so that you don’t miss out. 

We are also encouraging companies to act as corporate sponsors for the event, and donate $250 in order to “sponsor a mat”, on which either a team you put forward, or another team will represent your company. 
Each corporate sponsor will have the ability to advertise behind their team, which will be part of a social media pack and shared by dozens of highly followed public figures.

We hope to see you all there!





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