Our newest Member of the Month could not be more well deserved! Ever since he started at Body By Brando 5 months ago, he’s only gone from good to great. The one thing bigger than Lumley’s charming personality and cheery smile are his biceps! #shoulderveins

You’ll generally find him cracking jokes and having the best time in class, or working on the finer skills outside of the gym. I was lucky enough to sit down with the legend after one of our PT sessions… 

So, tell me about yourself Michael.

“My Name is Michael and I am a bar supervisor. I’ve been training at BodyByBrando Waterloo Since June – so about 5 months.”

What were your goals when you first started? 

“My goals when I first started were to get a bit leaner and drop body fat.” 

You’ve had a pretty incredible transformation… what were the numbers exactly?

“Started at about 98kgs and 28% body fat, but currently sitting at around 85kgs and 15%.”

And I have to say, that is an absolutely awesome achievement! Congratulations, man. How do you feel at the moment? Both physically and mentally?

“I don’t even know how to describe it – words can’t describe how good I feel”

When you were starting out at Body By Brando, was there anything that you were super apprehensive with? 

“Well I was sort of worried about ‘CrossFit muscle people’ (he’s become one of them) – but Body By Brando is so much more than that; it’s a family and a community.”

What’s the best part of training here? What sets us apart from other gyms you’ve been to previously? 

“The coaches make you feel welcome – they get involved in the classes, they’ll help and teach you, and it’s same with the other members.”

Anything else you’d like to add? What makes you keep coming back? 

“The people, the exercises – the fact that everybody has a laugh and tells some jokes, it’s just a great vibe.”

We are so keen to see where the next 5 months and beyond will take us. Thanks for all of your hard work, legend!

Brady Goodsell

Exercise Physiologist

BodyByBrando, Waterloo


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