Bec is a learning and development consultant for the CBA.

(Which just sounds way too smart for us. haha).

Bec was your regular chick who was cruising along with her Fitness First membership, doing long cardio sessions and jumping into some classes for extra motivation.

But because she had dreams of climbing to Everest Base Camp, she knew she had to step it up a notch, so has been crushing it with us ever since November 2017.

Her first few months were all about prepping for the hike, but she soon came to love this style of training and the technique that came with it.

Not to mention the tight knit community.

“Everyone is so nice here, they all just want to see you get results”.

After returning from climbing Everest (what a legend), Bec admits that although she was feeling better than ever and loving her training with us, she wasn’t seeing the results she wanted to with her body fat % and wanted to tone up a bit more.

Although she had access to the documents we provide and knew what to do, “sometimes it just takes a formal sit down for you to take it seriously and make it a priority”.

This was until she booked in for nutrition consult and decided to take control of her nutrition.

Since booking in for a consult with Tim 6 weeks ago and getting her individualised nutrition plan, she has already lost 7% of her body fat and is now looking amazing with much tighter and toned skin.

So now she is not only moving and feeling better, she is looking incredible too.

We couldn’t be more stoked to see such a legend loving her training and getting the results she deserves.

Keep killing it girl.

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