Key Reasons People Didn’t Get The Results They Wanted in 2017

1. They didn’t define what they wanted to achieve: 

Is it fat loss or lean muscle mass that you wanted to see changes with in 2017?
Of course, most people want to lose body fat and increase lean muscle mass, leaving that toned and athletic look, but knowing what nutrition approach is the right fit, for the right time is key.
Leaving yourself in limbo will do exactly that, leave you in limbo for yet another year.

For “Fat loss”: You need to have a calorie deficit nutrition plan, mixed with a hybrid approach to training which includes strength and conditioning.

Muscle Gain: You need a calorie surplus nutrition plan, mixed with a hybrid approach to training which includes strength and conditioning.

2. Most people under eat during the week and over consume calories on the weekend. (Usually in the form of liquid calories)

For both sides of the field (fat loss and muscle gainers), your nutrition needs to be controlled. Even though one needs a calorie deficit and the other a calorie surplus, you need to make sure there is intent and control in your approach to ensure that you aren’t storing any unnecessary fat.

Fat loss: under eating during the week is the most sure fire way to make sure your metabolism is at its slowest and most useless. Couple that with over eating and indulging on the weekend and you’ve just solidified the fact that you really want to store fat.

Rule #1. You need to ensure you are in a calorie deficit across the entire week, however, you also need to ensure you do this with discipline and minimise peaks and troughs. Our physiology responds well to homeostasis .

Rule #2. Generally speaking, you should aim to decrease your calories by 10-20% of your TDE each day, making the total week a really solid calorie deficit and a platform to start reducing body fat.

Lean muscle gainers: this applies for you. You need to increase your TDE by around 10-20% daily to allow your body to utilise the energy for growth and repair and not just store excess as fat.

Sure, eating whatever you want is going to help you put on weight, but it’s not going to put it on in the right way. A lot of it will store as fat, so aim to keep your macro nutrients balanced and your total calorie intake increasing slowly.

 3. Most people didn’t train enough

Training plays a huge role in both fat loss and muscle gain (usually simultaneously).

You can literally control your energy balance through training. Your nutrition will determine how many calories go into your body, but your training will determine where they are used and how much are used.

In this day and age, most people over consume calories. The easiest way to battle this is by using this over consumption of energy in the form of growth and repair for your muscles. This actually has a double effect. Not only do you use the calories that are in your body currently and stop them from being stored as fat, but you’re creating a machine that exponentially increases future calorie expenditure by increasing your metabolism. Win win baby.

 4. Or didn’t train in the right way

I’m not going to pretend that we know everything about training, but with a combined knowledge bank of 25 years experience as Exercise Scientists and S+C coaches, the BBB coaches know a fair amount about strength, conditioning, lean muscle gain and fat loss.

And i’ll give you a hot tip for nothing, it’s not going to come in the form of being a cardio bunny and slogging out KM’s on the treadmill.

You need to find the perfect stimulus for your body to want to shred excess calories as well as grow and repair lean muscle mass. This comes in the form of strength/ resistance based training through large ranges of motion, with the manipulation of load and time under tension combined with the correct prescription of conditioning based exercise.

The last few years have really seen the best results for our members. and the effectiveness of our hybrid training. We have been combining a number of modalities in a systemised approach to getting the most efficient results for you time. It involves combining gymnastics, traditional strength, mobility, skill and conditioning to create what we call the Hybrid Training Method.

Don’t get me wrong, no training is bad training. Just ask yourself if it the most effective and efficient use of your time and could you be doing it better?

 5. Most people didn’t give themselves a chance

Didn’t get results within a week and threw in the towel? Yeah, not surprised it didn’t work and to be honest, are you?

The best plans in the world are ones that are simple, easy to follow and ones that people maintain consistency with.

It doesn’t need to be fancy, it just needs to be given a chance to be proven effective.

Luckily for you, we have made those plans for you and offer coaching and accountability to help make sure that you fully understand it as well as fully commit to it.

If you want to see how we can help you in 2018, we still have 6 spaces available for our Group Coaching and 4 available for Personal Training in 2018.


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