How to prevent the winter flab

Here’s our top tips for keeping lean through winter so you can enjoy next summer

Winter is on its way, which means you have 2 options. You can either let it consume you, eat like the world’s ending, let yourself go and stack on 5kg of extra warmth, 

(resulting in having to work twice as hard through Spring to get it back off). 

Or you can keep on top of your body composition and enjoy the confidence of rocking a lean and performance-driven frame all year round. 

The best part is, you don’t have to give up your social life or miss out on your favourite winter comfort foods in the process. 

Here’s some of our top tips on maintaining a lean physique (even when it’s hidden by layers of peacoats and denim jackets) 

  1. Quality over quantity.

    Whilst calories are king, we need to ensure the quality of our food is high, organic and natural (unprocessed). 

  2. Calories are King.

    If you’re happy to maintain your current body composition, awesome. All you have to do is figure out your daily energy expenditure and then match your intake to your outgoings and you will remain the same. Nothing gained, nothing lost.

    If you’re wanting to get a headstart next summer and want to drop some body fat, you will have to decrease your net caloric equation. This means decreasing the amount you eat and increasing the amount you move. Depending on your current size and amount of fat you’d like to lose, we suggest anywhere from 200-600 calorie deficit each day as a sustainable approach. Go too quickly and you’ll lose muscle mass, resulting in neverending “skinny fat cycle”. Go too slowly and you’ll lose motivation and blow out, undoing all of your previous deficit. You’ll have to work on your own goldilocks sweet spot method here.

  3. Decrease Portion sizes
    This is the easiest way to create a calorie deficit without noticing it.
    There is a high correlation between the size of your plate and the size of your intake of calories. You’ll naturally keep eating if there is food on your plate.
    Much like you’ll naturally feel more full if you’ve completed the food that’s on your plate, despite the actual quantity of food that you’ve eaten. Which means you can still have SOME of the foods you like, just without overindulging. 

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Here’s our top tips for keeping lean through winter so you can enjoy next summer

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