If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me “what should I eat” or “I just don’t know what to eat”, I would have a Rolls Royce.

If I actually charged them another dollar for my advice, I would be richer than a Saudi Prince.

The point of the story is that everyone asks these questions in the hope that someone is going to give them a miracle answer that will allow them to take a short cut to their goals, without having to do the hard work themselves.

It doesn’t take a nutrition degree to figure out that you shouldn’t put processed food in your mouth and that a steak and veggies are going to be the better option 9 times out of 10.

Or some other form of protein, carbs and fat for the non meat eaters, which are perfectly ok with me for the record.  (before I get vegan blasted)

However, a lot of us are living in a world where we are waiting for the next big company to come along with the special pill or substance that has 0 evidence, but a bucket load of fake testimonials and dodgy conclusions, so that we can give them our money. Just so we can whinge about how expensive meat and vegetables are.

So stop. Just stop.

There are two types of people.

A)    Ones that are actually uneducated by definition, meaning they actually have never been exposed to the information needed to make a rational decision. I’m talking about remote or central, lower socio-economic status people who do not have access to education or the inter-webs.

B)    People that have been exposed to the information but neglect this information based on laziness and pure hope that someone will do the hard work for them, because they don’t actually value the result that they so often say they do.

(which for the record, just because you tell someone 100 times that you want to be fit and healthy, doesn’t actually ­­do anything productive towards being fit and healthy). ­­

In saying that, it is totally understandable that living in world of over stimulating information overload, we are bound to lose track of what is actually beneficial and what is bollocks, but this doesn’t mean we should switch off completely, become complacent and continually blurt blasphemies like “I don’t know what to eat”.

There are very accessible tools which enable us to work out exactly what we should be providing our bodies with on a scientific level, in regards to caloric and macronutrient breakdowns, based on our current status, future goals and activity levels.

And it doesn’t hurt to have some guidance to help us when times are tough and we can’t figure out what to eat.

We have made a cheat sheet PDF for you to follow along with and hopefully learn some tips and tricks about your body and how you should fuel it.

A good strategy is, if you’re not willing to put in the work and prepare your meals the way you know you should, OUTSOURCE it and get someone else to it for you.

It may cost a little bit extra, but if you’re someone who values their time and health more than a couple of extra dollars a week, then it will be the best investment you’ll ever make.

If you prefer to make it yourself and save the cash, then suck it up, stop lying to yourself and make the meals you know you need.

My biggest tip is to look at what you would be getting if you did purchase the pre-made meals and then replicate it yourself, adding or subtracting the bits you need more or less of, based on the calculations you made with the tools inside the PDF we just sent you.

My go to product at the moment is by activatefoods.com.au. I am a busy man and much prefer to pay the $10 a meal for great taste, health and convenience than to sit at home on a weekend and meal prep.

But that’s me. Either way, you’ve got a few options now. No excuses. Do the work.


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