What three years of uni and seven years of coaching has taught me

Over the last 10 years I have discovered that the majority of all people’s health and fitness goals can be put into 4 key categories. 

We all essentially want to transform the way we look, move, think and feel. 

Basically, we want to have optimum body composition that suits our goals and lifestyle, whilst being able to physically accomplish whichever tasks we would like to achieve and stay injury free in the process so that we can live the best years of our life, in the best shape of our life. 

If I could summarise the last 10 years of learnings (from some of the the best coaches in the world), it would be: 

 1. Move well and build strength through a large range of motion.

Stronger things are generally more useful and harder to kill. Likewise, branches that can bend are less likely to snap. If you have one but not the other, spend the next few months working on the opposite.

For example, if you can squat a house but can’t touch your toes, perhaps prioritize some time learning how to move well for longevity.

Every day that you can’t touch your toes and move freely is a day closer to decrepitude.

 2. Constantly reassess your work capacity (both volume + intensity).  

Things change and you need relevant data.

To stay injury-free, you need to know how much you can lift and how many reps you can do at relevant intensities for each given movement pattern. This takes time. I suggest starting lower than you think. If you don’t die, do more next time.

What you measure is what you can track (and change). For those who don’t know how to track volume and intensity and are just completing bootcamp style workouts, I recommend taking some time to learn.

3. Eat high-quality foods in the right quantities for your goals.

There is no better winning formula than this. If you don’t understand either side of this equation, read, ask or begin a trial and error approach until you’re happy. Too many people get caught up in whether a food or diet is healthy or not when it can be much more simple than this.

The definition of high-quality foods for us is whether or not that food is adding to your quality of life or taking away from it.

In regards to quantities, we are looking for amounts that support exercise, but not body fat. Body fat is non-functional mass. Meaning that it has no functional purpose or aid and therefore should be minimised.

4. Develop all 10 physical skills and adaptations of being a human.

Whilst being able to deadlift a truck sounds cool, being able to juggle, pistol squat, snatch your bodyweight, run 10km, sit cross-legged and handstand are all fun challenges too (plus they’ll benefit you by starving off the nursing home)

Every day that you use something = one more day without losing it.
Try to get all 10 physical skills and adaptations into your training every single week so that you’re not losing them. 

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Brandon Hasick

Brandon Hasick

Director and Head Coach
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