Brendon joined us late last year – with some simple goals in mind. Being a 27-year-old sparky, Brendo had admittedly let himself go (as we all do).
Since then Brendon has gone from strength to strength – transforming his body and mindset along the way.

The highlight for us was seeing Brendo completely immerse himself and devote all of his time to the “Feb Shred!” in which he didn’t miss a single day of training (28 days in a row) and completed all of the extras given – all whilst in a significant caloric deficit. 

The Feb Shred – what is it?

We created the Feb Shred to help our athletes (and coaches) to get out of  ‘holiday mode’ and rip into the health and fitness goals. 

So let’s roll it from the start – how did his journey begin?

“My housemate Brock walked past the gym by chance one day and joined up. After he went a couple of times, I decided to take the plunge after hearing how good it was.” 

We love hearing stories like this.
Apart from our athletes transforming the way they look, move and feel, our favourite thing is fostering a community of like-minded people.
Brendon has been a massive part of “the boy’s crew” at our 5:30 pm time slot. 

A lot of our athletes have training history with commercial gyms, doing the typical ‘bodybuilding’ style training they find on the internet.
The novelty and variety of movements if often a cause for apprehension with some athletes, so we wanted to know if this was a factor for Brendon when he joined. 

“I guess the intimidation of being a newbie and having no idea what to do or expect.”

My initial thought was “well that didn’t last for long” and you could forgive me for thinking that, given how well Brendo had taken to the classes, however, he raises a good point.


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