Couples that train together stay together!!!

At least this is the case for our first ever COUPLE OF THE MONTH!! The coaches sat with their heads together deciding on who has put in the effort and is owning themselves and just being a general legend about the gym and we all kept coming back to the same two legends which is why we decided to award both Colette and Jacob, making them our first ever couple of the month but also a double whammy of awesomeness!!

Jacob and Colette (Coco for short) joined us on a 10-week package and both came with goals set in mind and a desire to put them into action.  However it was the push from Colette that got Jacob in the door at the end as they came guns a-blazing together with a mindset to make a change for the better “My amazing fiancé coco, she was the one that found you guys. We are a team so we had to join together”.


Yet just because they joined as a team didn’t mean they had the same goals, Colette wanted to loose body fat, while she thought she was quite fit to start with that all changed when she met the assault bike, but with a tough attitude to change her life Colette worked hard at getting better on the exercises and even pushed herself to get better at the assault bike “I have gone down a size in my clothes and I am leaner and fitter… I am much stronger and my confidence/knowledge has grown” and due to this Coco is now at the stage where she can push herself to beat her previous personal bests and throw her all in the training “Consistency is king”. While for Jacob his goals where to get better at lifting and perfecting his technique when it came to strength movements, he also wanted to look at a WOD and know that he could 100% kill it “and of course I wanted to drop some body fat, get lean as a bean and have a killer 6-pack”.


However like everyone else they faced challenges in their training and why they weren’t succeeding elsewhere and why they weren’t making the gains they wanted. A lot of it was due to their diet as both Jacob and Coco are vegan they did not know the proper nutritional values and weren’t sure on how to hit their protein levels, they worked close with their coaches Brando and Emma to understand the values and how to reach their protein levels while also tracking their macros. Colette notes that  “I always thought I ate healthy but the changes I made from following the macros Emma gave me has been invaluable.” At the beginning of their first 10-weeks Colette sat down and chose to meal prep for the week ahead “I figured out what food Jake and I enjoyed eating then it adapted to make it easy to prep and to fit our macros. It saves so much time in the week and money – I could never imagine doing it any other way.”


So after their first 10-weeks Jacob and Colette chose to continue on… why? Well because they realised the values and gains they were making for themselves. Jacob adds to this in stating “I think the team space and people down at BBB are the best… it’s a great community vibe and of course all the coaches know their shiz my niz” and Coco couldn’t agree more “You get to train with an amazing bunch of like minded people who cheer you on and celebrate each other’s successes… Which is very rare to find in the fitness industry. The Coaches are supportive, knowledgeable and have sassy AF playlists”.


Yet even when you join a community like BBB there are initial fears that impact whether or not client stick to their training for Colette it was being afraid of almost everything, like doing to the workouts and sticking to the food, however being scared just gave Colette even more drive to join and do her best. When asked what other challenges and pain points they suffered from Jacob confessed that he has a super sweet tooth and will sometimes slip of the meal prep wagon and enjoy some chocolate but mostly he finds it hard to rest and let his body heal without feeling guilty “I’d be in there training non stop if I could” and this was the same for Colette who didn’t know her body limits “I am not very patient and get frustrated very easily”


As their first 10 weeks came to an end they were fast to make sure they were able to continue on and make the best of their changes already, we asked what had changed within themselves after the first 10 weeks for Jacob it was making him aware of importance of nutrition and to train with full range of motion and for Colette well she was stoked “Within my first 10 weeks of BBB I had achieved more than I had in years”. Colette admitted that her body had changed and with it her attitude to training and fuelling herself properly to get the results she wanted previously and what she knew she wanted in the future. While Jacob saw that he had smashed his goals he had in the first 10 weeks and before it came to an end established more goals to smash out of the park “I’m grateful we found BBB, I’ve never felt and moved so good in my life… we are super proud to be apart of the BBB community and so chuffed that we made it to the BBB hall of fame”.


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