The Italian Stallion, Enrico Wellenfeld

 With 2018 coming to a close and December a month of cheer and celebration, we couldn’t look any further to award our Member of the Month to our charismatic Italian stallion Enrico.

A man that has proved time and time again that he is ready for a challenge and eager to push himself in movements he once thought impossible to do.

When asked why he joined our box over a year ago Enrico, the tennis star, told us that he suffers from degeneration of cartilage in the hips. Leaving the only option for a hip replacement, to which he doesn’t know when it could happen “It can be in 6 months or a couple years.”

Yet before this happens Enrico wants to make sure that he trains to the best of his ability while taking care of his hips and body. “After trying several different ways of training, I have realized that the strength and conditioning we do at BBB is the best way to preserve my hips because it is the perfect mix of strength and flexibility. Which allows me to move better and feel better.”

When Enrico moved all the way from Italy to Sydney he began working at the tennis club behind the gym. Walking by day after day he saw how much fun the classes were always having.

It was soon after that he joined up, “I was quite lucky to meet all of the coaches that have either left or are now working there. I saw the high quality of training that was going on and therefore I joined the gym.”

 With the challenges that Enrico faced, his biggest were his hips. Before joining BBB Enrico admits the feats he could not conquer “I couldn’t even squat under the bar parallel, now that it has improved I feel the movement naturally and with ease.”

With the excitement of joining BBB the coaches wanted to know why he took the leap to train “I wanted to work hard everyday and take care of my nutrition. Making sure I got rest, stayed on top of my nutrition and increase my flexibility. It was what I needed to take the leap, and the programming of the gym helped me do just that.”

Fixing his hips and flexibility were the first goals Enrico had set and now he feels amazing. “I have never felt so fit in my life, even when I was training 6-8 hours a day when I played tennis. This is the fittest I’ve ever been.”

Anyone that has trained with Enrico knows how hard he pushes himself. He aims to be at the top, yet it wasn’t just the training that helped Enrico reach his goals. “The weekly WOD’s are the best. Also the tips about nutrition and life that Brando and the coaches give us daily are invaluable.”

While the year may be coming to a close Enrico has plans to continue on his training and reaching the goals he once thought impossible. “I really want to push myself up to the limit with every session I do. Since I have found my way I want to continue to push myself every single day and every single session I train.” 


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