February the month of all things love. Which is why our Andreas Thurn’ love for training earned him the coveted spot of Member of the Month.

Coming to us in the cold days of winter 2018, Andreas made the decision to change his life for the better and boy does it show. After hitting a plateau with his training Andreas needed a change “I got bored of always doing the same styled workout aka the 45 min EMOM – anyone can guess where I trained before…”

Even though Andreas may have trained elsewhere before, he was committed to take a step up in training and make some goals that would push him. Keeping up with the classes and getting my form right. The first or second class I did was a 21-15-9 clean complex with Claudia… I lost count somewhere around 10 reps and was still working on my first set when everyone else finished. Luckily the next week a new cycle started and I never had to do the workout again.” 

While at first he may have been hesitant to take the leap to BBB, there were some moments that finally pushed him to take the final step across. “Coach Emma used to be a coach at F45 Townhall, and she told me about BBB and she recommended me to switch to BBB. I was getting too comfortable with my training and I told myself that BBB was too far away.” However it was when Andreas finally made the move to Kings Cross and he could no longer use the travel excuse, like many people do.

With joining a new space there is always the first initial fear that things may not work out. “I heard a lot about CrossFit before I joined. Most of my friends called me crazy for joining, telling me that this would be a straight road into injury and make me sacrifice my form for speed. I can see why this may be true for some other boxes, but I don’t think this is the case at BBB.”

While there may be fears to begin with there are always specific reasons to why people want to join our box and why they stay. When we asked Andreas why he continues to train with us he responded, “I wanted to get stronger and improve my physical skills (and maybe also get a bit leaner while I am at it). I’ve always enjoyed both the physical and mental challenge that comes with training at BBB. I don’t know if I’d be able to go back to a normal gym anymore.”

One of the main questions we ask out Members of the Month is how we helped them, not only as coaches but also as a gym. Andreas has stuck with us and put in the commitment to change his lifestyle and in turn change his whole outlook of life. So when we asked Andres, his answer gave us the chuckles. “I think the best part about BBB is the environment and community. It is such an open environment that allows everyone to grow and challenge themselves. I like how people push you and hold you accountable, but aren’t judgemental at the same time.

Oh and obviously awesome trainers. I do think that Coach Brando has a very dark and sadistic side which he taps into when he’s programming the workouts.” 

While our Members of the Month are chosen by the commitment they make and how they challenge themselves constantly there are still points that they are stuck on, and just like the rest of us they need to improve on. Andreas notes that he is still working hard on improving his cleans but admits confidently that he can now keep track of his reps. Yet there is still one point he struggles upon “Getting out of bed mid-week, because my whole body hurts.”

Andreas has made us so proud with his progress thus far and it’s only February – we cannot wait to see what he is capable of come the next few months as the programming picks up steam.


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