March may have been the month of gay Christmas but it is also the month of girl power. Watching from the shadows we noticed how hard Alison was working, both pushing herself in the class to do her best and making sure that she always made time for her extras.

Alison went the extra mile that some would not usually make, working hard to kick her 2019 goals in the butt. Asking her why she trained strength and conditioning at BBB she noted that the challenge was the most enjoyable part about her training “there are always things to improve and work on.” Alison continued on “It definitely does not get any easier but it feels amazing when a movement or a skill just clicks with you, or you feel strong enough to increase the weight. Especially when you have put the time and effort in.”

Alison couldn’t be more correct and as she stayed behind and worked on different movements and skills, they all began to click for her. However even with learning a new skill set comes fear, for Alison there was one standout fear “Going upside down or anything gymnastic wise.”

Before Alison joined she would practice her handstands and would struggle to get past 90 degrees, she would often have a freak-out and struggle to get back down. Being an introvert the tendency to be intimidated by larger groups comes quite easy, “I remember walking through the doors the first day and I was terrified. There was an all-boys class going on and they were all shirtless. Everyone seemed like such good friends and I died, that’s like a nightmare for me to walk into. Then Brando cam out with his Aussie slang, but it honestly put me at ease straight away.”

Asking what was the pushing point for Alison to take the leap to BBB. Irish born Alison admitted that coming over on a Working Holiday Visa, most people spend their whole year on the booze train. However Alison went out the first night and then spent the whole next day vomiting and not being able to enjoy the amazing beaches. Alison, whose brother David and sister-in-law Ciara are ex BBB members, lead a life that was much more in-line with Ali wanted for herself. It was Ciara who pushed Ali to jump on-board to BBB and it was the choice Ali has never regretted.

 Before Ali came to BBB, like most people she struggled with motivation and consistency to train. “I spent three years drifting in and out of the gym where I would have a couple good months and then not go for months or just end up going once a week, max.” Alison who tried a few different options out there dreaded the thought of every single session, and would have to drag herself to classes and would have to push herself through the paces during the class.

When we choose the member of the month we always ask why they train at BodyByBrando specifically, and Alison gave us so much back to us. “The fantastic and supportive Environment, which pushes me to push myself.  There is a great balance of competitiveness and support in the gym, which gets the most out of everyone. You can’t help but look at the person next to you and get a little competitive.”


BodyByBrando has a competitive side to it, which is all based on friendship. “I always find myself looking up to some of the girls and just think they are so strong or that they killed the workout.” For Alison it was also the community spirit of the CrossFit opens that helped to push her to keep aiming higher, “Even if you didn’t know the person you just wanted them to do the best they could but I also found myself looked at someone and using their lift or score as something to aim for or try to beat.”

 Apart from the community spirit of BBB, Alison had some goals she wanted to work towards and push her self to achieve that kept her with us all this time. “Body fat and aesthetics were pretty much the core goals, but mostly to have the confidence to get upside down. And of course mobility, it has always been a struggle for me.”


From Alison’s first goals until being crowned our March queen we had to ask how much she has learned/achieved since being with us. “Performance goals, I have learnt that I am a lot more motivated by goals and pushing myself with lifts rather than aesthetic goals.” For Alison the gym has now become a daily, non-negotiable activity. “Thank-god there are no classes on the Sunday because it forces me to not go.”

With our recent 6-week challenge over, Alison came to the realisation that she loved food too much to get shredded AF but instead the challenge stood for a lifestyle challenge that she can continue on for the long term rather than just 6-weeks.

 Alison continued on to some of the key moments that BodyByBrando did to help her along the fitness road. “Everyone made me feel welcome, the coaches create such a fantastic environment that’s a good balance between having fun and getting work done.”

But it wasn’t just the coaches who make it enjoyable for Ali, “focusing on each movement and breaking it down and recently I think there has been a huge focus on each movement and moving well, I am really enjoying it.”


Like with everyone there are challenges that we all face for Alison it was mobility “I have always struggled with mobility but it is something I really want to improve on. Especially the overhead squat, this year one of my goals is to overhead squat 35kg.” With her strength and mobility increasing we are 100% sure that this is possible, but her main goal this year is to get a visa sponsorship. Why, well I’ll let her words tell you… “So I can actually stay and train at BodyByBrando.”


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