Say G’day to our Feature Member Alex Yaghldjian

Apart from smashing it in his PT’s with Timbo, Alex is gearing up to become a top notch lawyer.
He spends majority of his days reading and studying while also working on a historical bibliography about a Prince of the Orient, in which he hopes will be published soon.

Alex joined us in January and since then has made incredible changes to his diet and most importantly to his strength. Before making the decision to join the community at BodyByBrando, Alex was afraid of everything to do with fitness as he didn’t come from a background of training everything was uncharted territory. Having had no previous experiences with weights and movements Alex found one movement the most excruciating and terrifying “the sled… you eventually get used to the pain”, yet after he overcame the pain he became more self-aware of what he was capable of and how strong he could become.

However it wasn’t only about strength for Alex, it was about the accountability that kept him coming in week after week and pushing his limits to what he thought he was capable of and then of course the beats that bounce throughout the gym all day long “what can I say, the music is great”…
Yet like most people Alex had goals when he first started at BBB, goals that brought him to us in the first place and goals that he has kept accountable to and grown in “I wanted to create new habits and change my body composition” it was these goals and the accountability he felt he needed to keep up with to make these positive changes to his life and to his future.

Where is Alex at now you may be wondering?
Well he is still smashing goals and taking names, having just reached 100kgs on his back squat Alex couldn’t be more stoked but that isn’t the only thing that’s improved, he is now able to do more pull-ups than ever before while also finding “a massive shift in my strength from January to now”.

Though stoked with his progress Alex is also in the midst of planning his trip to Spain while maintaining that excitement for his next phase of training now that he has conquered his initials scares of joining the gym. With greater discipline for his diet and training and great leadership we are so excited to see what the rest of 2018 has in store for Alex and to see his strength and confidence increase so that one day he is ready to smash it out of the park in group classes.


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