A man of many wonders, with skin as radiant and brown as a delicious freshly baked caramel cake. It was really no wonder why he was our first choice to bring in 2019.

After spending half of 2018 out with a serious back injury. Carlo came back to BBB with a smile on his face and a swagger in his step ready to kick some ass.

When asked to why he trains strength and conditioning at Bodybybrando he said there were THREE main reasons.

Mental, Personal or Professional; he notes that “Being in great physical shape removes most physical barriers to any other physical activities I want to undertake.” 

If you have not seen Carlo in the gym. Then you wouldn’t know that he is always eager to train with anyone that is keen break a sweat as much as he is.

We asked why he chose to train at Bodybybrando, instead of other gyms, and Carlo responded with a very specific answer.

For Mister Tarchi it came down to atmosphere, coaches, people and the workouts; and that most of all it was due to the reason that he has never once felt out of place and that everyone has always been welcoming to him.

However like most our readers and our beloved members. Carlo had challenging areas that he faced day to day before he came to us “I had poor mobility, bad form around exercises that most would think easy; and stubborn fat. I was pudgy around the edges.” he laughs.

Carlo also had fears before joining our box “New and complex exercises can be quite daunting, I worried I wouldn’t get the hang of the more complex movements i.e. Olympic lifts… also assault bike and burpees.”

Taking the leap to join BBB after he walked by everyday, from another session of F45. He saw the quality of training happening; and that alone was enough for Carlo to jump on the gain train.

 “The coaches taking time, even in a busy class, to assist me with technique and give me pointers to help move better after my back injury has been key to my success.”

When pressed about the goals he had when he first started with us, Carlo admitted that he wanted to complete his workouts at RX and most of all to be able to move and lift with proper form.

Over a year in with BBB, the coaches know exactly how Carlo has improved but for him there were two main points he wanted to boast “1. I can now complete most workouts at RX and 2. I feel great and BBB has given me the confidence to take on other physical pursuits.”

Carlo also couldn’t thank Coach Brando enough “Brando’s daily posts regarding the importance of time under tension, mindset and proper form have been invaluable for me.”

It wouldn’t be a New Year without some resolutions and Carlo has two goals he cannot wait to kick into gear. Especially now he is the very first member of the month for 2019.

“I want more consistency with my nutrition, as well as consistently improving my lower back and working around it to improve at everything else.”

We can’t wait to help Carlo achieve his goals in the New Year and see how well he does; the only way is up for this member of the month and well Carlo is going all the way to the top!!


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