Big Al. The legend of legends amongst the BBB crew.

Struts in each morning at 5:15am with a smile on his face and sheer determination to settle the score between Dubs and Nathan, as they embark on their quest to become BBB’s fittest Morning Member.

Al came to us after being referred from a friend who was getting great body composition and performance results from training.

At the time, Al confesses he was “going through the motions” with his Anytime Fitness membership and not really seeing the results he wanted for his time and effort he was putting in.

After a few short months of waking up at 0500am, doing the hard yards and following a personalised strategy we helped create as part of his fundamentals package, Al is reaping the rewards.

Previously having shoulder dislocations from rugby and years of “bro-fitness”, he wasn’t sure if he would be able to complete the program and if he was going to be restricted with some of the movements (particularly overhead).

Although he was getting frustrated with not being able to play sports or train like he had previously, he had started to feel weak and lazy and knew he had to do something.

After jumping in, he quickly realised that there are progressions for each movements and by learning the skills and slowly adding intensity, he is now overhead squatting, snatching and hitting muscle ups for fun and is now “moving better, feeling better and is stronger than ever”.

It was an unreal experience to watch Al complete his first Crossfit Open competition after only a few months of training with us.

We literally taught him double unders a day before the third event and he smoked it the next day.


Al has admitted that working an office job 12 hours a day takes a toll on the body and his favourite part of his day is coming to the 0530am session, purely for the banter and the community.

We love having Al around and can’t wait to see how much stronger and fitter he gets over the next few months.


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