Does This Summarise Your Goals?

Our key philosophy is to help people look and feel better and move without restriction.

If you happened to enquire without these as your main priority, then that’s cool, hopefully you find somewhere that suits your needs.

If these are your main goals, awesome.

We help people achieve this everyday.

The combination of adding dense muscle mass and losing body fat so that we look toned and defined is what most of us associate with looking good.

The feeling of confidence, self esteem and health is what we gain as a result.
The way we can achieve these things is through moving and eating better.

This is the hard part due to the overwhelming information that your friends are feeding you and what you read on the internet.
However, this is probably the most important.
Once you can move better and understand the importance programming has on your outcome, you will be a lot more effective at reaching your goals.

Which means that in 6 months time, you would have made some big changes and you won’t be stuck in the same position.

Whether you choose to train with us or tackle these goals on your own, I want you to understand these basic principles. 

1. Fat loss is controlled by one thing: Your metabolism- How much energy your body consumes vs expends
Whether you want to control your metabolism with your diet or with exercise, or with both, you need to ensure that you are you are doing it correctly and not just guessing.
Too many people use standard methods of “cardio” because in their head it makes sense that burning 200 calories on a treadmill equates to losing 200 calories worth of fat.
Not taking into consideration the fuel sources utilised during the exercise or the other 23 hours and 30 minutes they are alive that day.

Metabolism is referring to how much fuel your body requires each day and is influenced by a number of things.
Someone with a slow metabolism doesn’t require much energy, therefore when they over consume, they store fat.

The only way to counteract this is by either:
a) ensuring that you never over indulge or make sure that every skerrick of energy is completely utilised each day
b) create a “metabolic machine” out of your body and create the ability to utilise more energy on demand.

By building lean muscle mass!

This is literally the only way you can do this. Your metabolism is not just directly correlated with how much muscle you have, it is the definition.

Think of this simple analogy:

If you had to feed sandwiches to an an army, and someone said that for every sandwich left over, you would have to give them $10.
Would you rather feed an army of 100 men, or an army of 10 men?

Of course the 100 men, because you know that by having more working cogs in a machine, there will be a bigger need to have fuel, and by utilising more fuel, you will have less left over baggage.
Less left over baggage = less fat storage and more muscle mass.

2. This does not happen with “cardio”: you need a strong balance of weights and conditioning aspects to create a stimulus worth needing fuel

… If you want more detail on this, please respond and we will fill you in on exactly how you can do this.

For now, why don’t you try some of our tests.

A. 2000 Metre Row
Complete a 2000 Metre as fast as possible and record your time

B. Unbroken Push Up Test
Complete as many push ups you can, without a break.
We have added a video link HERE for you to watch the standards.

C. 3RM Front Squat
Find out how much weight you can lift for a set of 3 front squats.
Make sure you start light and add weight slowly each set, until you can’t lift anymore weight for 3 reps.
Rest about 2 minutes between each set and try have no more than 5-6 sets in total.

D. 3RM Strict Press
Same as 3RM FSQ, but with a strict press

E. 15,12,9 Thrusters and Burpees (OTB)
Complete a set of 15 Thrusters, then a set of 15 burpees, jumping over the bar on each rep.
Then 12 of each,
then 9 of each as fast as you can with perfect form.

F. Nutrition
Follow this link and put in your details to find out how much you should be eating and what the breakdown should look like.
I highly recommend downloading MyFitnessPal so you can start tracking and analysing your nutrition, as a means of learning and understanding certain food break downs.

We have provided a copy our of nutrition PDF here, but there is no better substitute than learning and understanding your own nutrition and how to manage it.


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