To stimulate team bonding and promote a healthy and happy lifestyle, the Edwards And Co. Sydney team partakes in three morning training sessions per week with us at BBB Paddington.

As part of their in house culture program they have all set individual goals as well as team building goals and have been smashing them.

With most of them having very little or no history with gyms or training programs, it has been great to watch them learn and understand how strength and conditioning can play a big part in their work productivity as well as their general overall happiness.

We have even had comments over the last few weeks from the Edwards and co. team to see if we could ramp up their training and make it a little bit harder.

Something I never thought I would hear them say after the moans and groans of the first few sessions.  (No problemo, homies)

Our basic structure for our corporate sessions include a decent warm up and general movement patterns in the aim of building motor control and activating their muscles/ central nervous system in a way that will prepare them for the strength and conditioning to come.

We aim to incorporate a mixture of gymnastics and barbell training as our key strength component for each session, which usually goes for close to 20 minutes and around 4-6 sets depending on what it is we are working towards.

We then get them to partner up and work through a task or time based conditioning workout. This is perfect for the larger groups as it allows for the obvious team bonding benefits, but it is also a great way to learn through their partners movements while they rest. They can first hand watch someone else go through the same workout and therefore mimic the motor patterns in their head while they rest.

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