Choose your hard


Life is hard. For everyone. You just have to choose your hard! 

For every situation there is a direct and opposite side of the coin which is proportionally just as hard. 
You have to choose whether you want your behaviour to be harder or your outcome to be harder. Your decisions now will impact you in the future. You have to choose whether or not you’d prefer short term discomfort in exchange for long term pleasure, or vice versa. 

Being broke is hard. Being rich is hard. Choose your hard. 
Being broke can cause emotional stress and anxiety. 
Being rich requires you to save money and miss out on events, clothes and experiences that would provide you with short term satisfaction. 
Choose your hard. 

Being fat and unhealthy is hard. Being fit and healthy is hard. 
Choose your hard. 
Living a life with disease causes physical and emotional discomfort. The feeling of being fat and unhealthy can cause severe emotional stress. 
Being fit and healthy requires you to make hard sacrifices, push yourself to physical exhaustion at the gym, make consistent,  non-compulsive decisions and often miss out on experiences. 
Choose your hard. 

The list could go on. 

In order to live a life of comfort and pleasure, you must endure some adversity and discomfort along your journey. Nothing worth having comes easy. 

Choose your hard.

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Remember nothing woth having comes easy.

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Brandon Hasick

Director and Head Coach
Body By Brando


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