Movement 4 Movement Event Paddington

Advocating Unrestricted Movement for A Great Cause.

Last Saturday morning, some of Sydney’s fittest gathered on the grass to move their bodies for charity.

In the heart of Paddington, the team at Body By Brando partnered with Huntington’s NSW and hosted a group workout, to help find a cure for Huntington’s disease.

Body By Brando welcomed a slew of VIPs, media and local community members, to an event which encompassed health in a nutshell. Guests entered into a room of clean treats, sipping on coconut water and refreshing protein packed smoothies from the Bondi Juice Co.

VIP guests included trainer to the stars, Commando Steve and Michelle Bridges, as well as ultra marathon runner Veronika Larisova, who is the co-creator of the Chief Bar- the first meat-based, savoury protein bar available in Australia (perhaps the world!?). Amongst the crowd was also active living and fitness advocate Kali Burns.

Over three movement based events, a bit of friendly competition erupted. It all came down to survival of the fittest. The corporate sponsors including Lululemon, KC Chiropractic, 1st Street Home Loans, Lord of the Rig, Agoga and Chief Bars- to name a few, as well as representatives from Sydney’s leading health and fitness companies battled it out for a great cause.

The challenges had them pushing through exhaustion to fully appreciate their ability to move without restriction. The first- An air assault bike challenge, which truly tested one’s physical and mental strength. Competitors pushed and peddled for 60 seconds to see who could accumulate the highest number of calories.  

The second event had guests with their heads up against the wall. The clock ticked as participants held a handstand position for as long as they could.

Both of which prepared participants for the main event which kicked off at 10:45 am. Teams of 4 performed a series of movements designed by the Body By Brando team- all of which showcased the benefits that come with an unrestricted body, and an unrestricted mind.

Participants lifted, held and hurdled their body weights for half an hour. No fancy machines were required, instead they made use of what they had- using their own well oiled machines.

This was definitely no walk in the park. Once the clock started, all 4 team members made their way around the Body By Brando building completing an 800m run. Each team then chipped away at 4 of the most effective bodyweight exercises; 500 air squats, 400 push ups, 300 burpees and 200 Kettlebell swings for time.

With only one team member working at a time, another has to hold a 60kg barbell off the ground until all reps were completed. Taking out the title was the Agoga and Chief bar team who completed the designated reps in just under 37 minutes.

The event was a huge success, and raised just under $10,000 for Huntington’s NSW. It helped to raise awareness for a disease that is under recognised and brought our awareness to the appreciation of movement, specifically for those who have had that privilege taken away from them.

The event gave an immense insight into what Body By Brando has to offer, focusing strongly on the power of unrestricted movement and un unrestricted mindset in all aspects of life- specifically training.





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