Can you do the 10 reps in

10 minutes challenge?

One of my missions is to help people realise that fast training doesn’t necessarily equal fast results.
Or said differently, by slowing down, you can actually speed up your results and have greater results across more domains than just calories burned.

Generally speaking, muscles don’t like to be forced into maintaining tension for long periods of time, however, it’s not about what the muscles want, it’s about what they need.

Would you agree that the whole point of training is to force our body to adapt and therefore yield the most advantageous physique and performance possible?

If you answered yes, then perhaps you’d agree that forcing yourself into the most uncomfortable position right now and then prolonging that discomfort will be the fastest way for your body to overcome & adapt? 

Simply put, “deal with the discomfort now so that you can live a life of comfort later” 

Here’s the most simple way to convey this approach. 

We have currently got over 700+ members who are following our methods and getting amazing results. 


  1. Pick a weight. 
  2. Put it on your back
  3. Squat down for 10 seconds (from top to bottom)
  4. Hold at the bottom for 10 seconds
  5. Stand up. 
  6. Rest until the minute ticks over. 
  7. Repeat 9 more times (total of 10 minutes)

You would have completed 20 seconds worth of squatting every minute for 10 minutes. Easy!


  • Use some warm-up sets to find your weight
  • The weight should be the heaviest possible weight you can for this drill (roughly an 8 out of 10 for set 1)
  • Your hamstring must touch your calf on every rep (elevate your heels if needed) 
  • I would suggest staying active in the bottom by holding your breath and using small gulps of air whilst bracing your midline

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Brandon Hasick

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