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For the month of May, we have such an incredible woman to represent and that is…Madison Cutmore. But you can call her Mads. Whilst Mads is one of our most hard-working and diligent members of BBB, and when she isn’t sweating it out in the gym, Mads is actually working as a women’s health physiotherapist! So if you are a female out there in need of help! Then Mads is your girl! 

Before training at BBB, Mads was training at a CrossFit box in Melbourne and also one in Canada! Then after that, Mads was training at another CrossFit gym part-time and was also dropping into a million different gyms across the east the rest of the week! 

Although Mads has trained at CrossFit gyms before, what prompted her to reach out to BBB was because she was in fact originally treating Brando at the time and loved talking to him about the training and most specifically the programming! Long story short, here we are! 

Now when Mads first signed up, her goals were to actually gain some structure and to shift her focus to more dedicated, structured strength training and Olympic lifting without just smashing herself every day. Now, why was this important to Mads? It was important to her because Mads found herself constantly fatigued and that in her strength training that she was not actually progressing at all! Because of this, it made it for some time now, quite hard for Mads to find that balance. And now that she has achieved balance and the goals she sought out, Mads feels much more calm and confident in her training and more comfortable with not feeling like she needs to smash herself all day every day to achieve anything.

Now if you met Mads, you wouldn’t think that she was the nervous type. But before starting at BBB, Mads was nervous about stepping into a new box as she is quite competitive! But in total surprise for Mads, she has found everyone at BBB to be so friendly and welcoming and competitive in a much healthier way without too much ego which was nice!

What makes BBB different from other gyms out there for Mads is the fact she loves training at BBB because of its slow and steady approach and focuses on prehab and she is loving training at BBB as she feels she is getting that coverage of all parts of her strength and mobility along with regular rehab! What a win right?! Not only that, but Mads also does love to rock up to her 5:30 am classes and get amongst it with that crew! This has helped a lot in her routine and consistency and if that wasn’t the case then the results would still have plateaued for mads somewhat.

We couldn’t end this without giving Mads a shout-out for her epic performance in the open, and the most pinnacle moment for her, for all her friends supporting and watching, and for us coaches. Was the fact that she was able to get her first bar muscle up! And that is her most proud moment! We couldn’t be happier for achieving such a thing, and we cannot wait for what more is to come with you Mads!


Harry Howe

Bondi Manager

BodyByBrando, Bondi


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