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If we could have picked anyone for this MOTM, you will soon read as to why Gove is the man for it! 

When he isn’t sweating blood, sweat, and tears at BBB, this legend is working at TikTok in the music team heading up Artist Partnerships across AU/NZ. 

What was Gove up to before he found BBB might you ask? Well, he was training at Crossfit Bondi before he moved to Europe for 5 years. Prior to that, he was training at his local box in Salzburg, Austria, and in Queenstown, NZ as he was there for the summer of 2021 before moving back to Sydney! Where hasn’t this guy been right?! 

And why might you ask that he reached out to us here at BBB? Gove really wanted to train at a facility where the programming was SPECIFIC and TARGETED, where it focused on technique as he was looking for a big, new amazing space similar to the ones you find in Europe and the US. 

What drives Gove is the fact he is always striving to be consistent but doesn’t always prioritize technique. A bad habit he is always working on. This is why it made him interested to see the programming at BBB as a whole and how he would go with it over a sustained period of time. And that is what makes BBB different from other gyms?BBB is different because they actually give a shit and focus on all aspects of your health from nutrition, and mobility to throwing down. It’s a really inclusive space and there is no ego which is a vibe!”


What really has shown Gove, the legend that he is, is that he is proud of improving his overall strength and conditioning. Focusing on movements that he has neglected in the past has meant he is slowly but surely getting better at. And using his training at BBB has allowed him to springboard into other endurance events as strength and conditioning are important for all those types of events as well. 

Gove admits that his mind and body have let him down in the past to not achieve the goals he has wanted to achieve, BUT if he hadn’t started training at BBB he says If I wasn’t training here, I think my results would probably be plateau” and if you hadn’t heard enough about this absolute legend of a guy. He has completed the Trail Marathon in Thredbo and is training for the UTA Ultra 100km in the Blue Mountains in May.

One more thing before we go, Gove last and leading words to anyone that might be thinking about joining BBB? If you come & try it you won’t leave!”


Harry Howe

Bondi Manager

BodyByBrando, Bondi


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