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Our MOTM for June is the one and only Emma, but you can call her Em. Emma is 28 years old and works in Product Management & Design at a Fintech Startup.

Before starting at BBB, Em was training at Fitness Playground and an outdoor Bootcamp during the pandemic. The Bootcamp was one that Em first discovered about Calisthenics and realized how much she in fact did enjoy the body weight, gymnastic style movements to compliment the weight lifting and cardio workouts! 

Now, why did Em join BBB in the first place? Well, that was because Em had moved to Paddington and was in fact looking for a new gym that programmed a range of functional exercises. Although Em didn’t know much about CrossFit before BBB, that didn’t stop her from joining as she knew she wanted a new challenge; and that was to do something a bit different from what the larger chains offer – handstands for instance! 

Goals, goals, goals…what are Em’s goals you ask? When Em signed up it was actually when the world was going into the second Sydney Covid lockdown. While it wasn’t the best timing, Em was actually super pleased to learn that BBB would not be closing its doors but quite the opposite. By coming up with the idea of outdoor stations where members could borrow equipment and follow the programmed workout on the app. On top of that, Em had the goal to improve her fitness and learn new skills. Now, why was this important to Em? It was important as Em has a love for learning and growing in all facets of life. When Em can understand what she can improve on and see how she can make those gains, it keeps her so much motivated and engaged.

This isn’t Em’s first rodeo, Em has actually tried numerous other gyms over the years and has found it challenging to stay motivated and to keep progressing in weight lifting, aerobic fitness, mobility, and skills. Em would end up just stagnating and this was largely due to repetitive classes, a lack of clear direction and goal setting in her personal workouts, and a lack of knowledge about different strength and gymnastic-based skills that she could be adding to her training to make it more dynamic, challenging and fun. 

Now that Em has clearer direction about the areas that she wants to improve in and has seen progress in her fitness levels, Em feels way more confident both in and outside the gym. Just like the simple things of being able to string together multiple pull-ups, when in the beginning, she could not even do one without a band before, which for Em was a great confidence boost. 

Now before starting at BBB, Em knew that it would e different from previous gyms ut had never tried CrossFit-style workouts and had honestly no idea what to expect. Em was glad to start out following the workouts on the app in her own time, which eased her into classes when they restarted after covid. Learning movements like kipping pullups, snatches, and HSPU has been challenging for her but well worth the effort and time! Em thrives in an environment where there are other people around giving you tips, showing you how it is done, and pushing you to be better, and before BBB, she wasn’t that challenged when going to the gym and didn’t have such a great community of like-minded people who would help her achieve her goals. 

What makes BBB different for Em? BBB is different because of its commitment to helping you achieve your goals. Em finds it awesome that BBB uses a lot of the Crossfit benchmark workouts and encourages you to record your progress because it means that Em can clearly see how she is improving in comparison to where she was 6 months ago for instance. For example…doing as many burpees as you can in 7 mins (a benchmark workout) will test not just your fitness but your willpower. It burns at the time, but after you feel great and it’s always nice knowing that you did better than last time. Em is also a little competitive especially when it comes to the Metcons so she really likes that there are so many fit, fierce individuals at BBB who make her want to be better.  Not to mention really helpful coaches who genuinely care about you and want to help you succeed. 

Before we go, Em has become so much more aware of what she puts into her body and tries to keep a healthy diet to complement her workouts, she also feels like she has a much better routine overall now being at BBB. What would be different for her if Em hadn’t started training at BBB? Em believes that her results would still be stagnant, and she probably would have fewer calloused hands! Haha…don’t let that fool you though. Em happily would tell anyone wishing to join BBB to…”Go for it! If you’re the type of person who looks for personal growth, who likes training with others and is tired of boring repetitive workouts, BBB is for you. It’s so much fun and you’ll definitely notice improvements!” 


Harry Howe

Bondi Manager

BodyByBrando, Bondi


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