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Our newest and brightest MOTM goes to Deanne, but goes by Dee! She might be a Medical Sales Territory Manager but she is an absolute gun in the gym. 

Dee has been training CrossFit for the last 3 or so years, and she absolutely loves it. With a huge passion for fitness, and has also danced professionally her whole life. Dee got into lifting in the last 6 years and it sure as hell shows!

Out of all the gyms Dee has traveled to and trialed, she believes what made her choose BBB was I had heard a lot of good things about Brando and his gym, and had trained with people who had come to BBB and loved it. the facilities looked really great, so I wanted to check it out!”

Whilst Dee has nothing but “praise for Brando, the coaches, the community, and the gym itself.” Dee did actually specify that she was “unsure that before joining that she might not improve on her skills”. This was due to her “past experiences of inconsistent programming, having not had measurable goals set, and way too many goals she wanted to achieve at one time.”

Since joining BBB, Dee has found her already high exceeding confidence to only skyrocket even some more, “but since joining BBB my confidence in Olympic lifting has really improved, and I’m grateful for the guidance of the coaches” 

Out of all the gyms around, that Dee has been to, heard of, or seen.  “The well thought out programming. the focus on strength and skill and not throwing too many things in one session. something that is different to what I knew, but trusting the process, I can see improvements! “ is what she had to say about what has made BBB different from all of the rest!

And on that note….what might you say has changed for Dee since joining us here at BBB? Dee says “my passion for training has been reignited again. change of environment has been a really great change for me…I would probably be doing the same thing, expecting the same results. Picking up new tips and tricks from different coaches.”

If you too were hesitant, feeling unsure, or potentially not good enough to join us here then let’s just hear from Dee one more time what she has to say. And let us tell you right now, Dee definitely tells it how it is! From her exact words “It’s more than just a CF Gym, it’s a holistic approach, coaches who promote health and fitness, improvements in mindset, and enjoyment of training. Not just a place where you go to burn calories, or feel bad about yourself if you aren’t as strong or as fit as the person next to you.”

From all the coaches here at BBB, we would be lying if we said it wasn’t truly a pleasure to have a gun like Dee with us here. Thank you for turning up every day, doing what is told, giving it your all, and letting the results speak for themselves. You deserve this MOTM and we couldn’t be more proud of you girl!


Harry Howe

Bondi Manager

BodyByBrando, Bondi


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