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Our MOTM for August is Amy, whom we couldn’t think of a more deserving individual for this! Amy is one of the strongest women, mothers, and people we know!

Before starting at BBB, Amy was not training much. She had tried out a few other local gyms but nothing very regular.

Now, why did Amy join BBB in the first place? Well, Amy also had a friend suggest to her that she would really like the style of training at BBB. That incorporating weights into her workout would be a good idea. The next week that BBB Bondi opened near where Amy lives.

Goals, goals, goals…what are Amy’s fire-starting goals? Well when Amy first signed up, her goals were to improve her physique and increase her strength and flexibility. It has been amazing, as per Amy’s exact words, to have achieved that with the support of the coaches and other athletes.

Now that Amy has achieved the goal she set out for, she feels so good, and Amy has so much more energy! She looks forward to coming to training every day!

What was Amy most nervous about before starting at BBB? Amy was most nervous about some of the advanced movements which looked quite intimidating, but she quickly got over that in the first week as the coaches tailor each workout, with scaling options for new starters with progressions in the movements to suit everyone’s level of capabilities.

What does Amy love about BBB? Amy loves training at BBB because it has a great atmosphere, a great community, and great coaches and the workouts are always fun, and never boring.

Now like us, coaches, we are so proud of Amy, but Amy is also proud of the overall improvement in fitness and performance that she has seen in herself and achieved since training at BBB.

Now where would Amy be, or what would he be doing if he wasn’t at BBB you might ask? She wouldn’t really be doing much she says, not like she is here at BBB and she believes because of that her results would be average or non-existent because of that!

Now if you, like Amy, feel nervous about starting anywhere or even at BBB! Then here is a little positive fist pump for you, from Amy herself…”Definitely sign up! Just start today and you will see the results in no time!”

Thank you, Amy, you are by far so inspiring to each and every one of us here! We can’t wait to see what you continue to do next in your journey here with us.


Tee Verrall

Functional Transformation Coach

BodyByBrando, Bondi


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