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We’re kicking off 2022 with a boss of a member of the month!

Ainslie Gardiner was one of the first people to join BBB Bondi when it opened late last year – she has been smashing workouts and being an involved member of our community ever since.

When she’s not lifting heavy barbells she divides her time between being a disabilities worker and a regular Bondi beach goer. “I moved to the area and was looking for a place to train and to be honest BBB had the best instagram haha”.

Coming to us with 3 years Crossfit experience Ainslie took to class like a duck to water. Never shying away from a heavy bar or a high skill gymnastics workout. However, she has found the the BBB style of training to be a little different from functional training she has experienced in the past, “I find at BBB the focus is on a loger warm-up to prevent injury”

Constantly taking out our number 1 spot for highest attendance each week there is no surprise to see her improvement in her gymnastics. “I think it’s routine for me, like a coffee. If I don;t do it I don’t know what to do with myself”

It has been awesome to see her making so many friends and getting around the members with a younger training age. Chatting to members before and after sessions and leading from the front in WODs there is no surprise she has become a crowd favourite. “When I first started Crossfit I was intimidated by what you see on instagram, but once you start you realise it’s for everybody and you can scale it”. 

 So what’s next for the gun? 

I’m definitely improving…slowly. But I’ve got a long way to go with my fitness”. Currently chasing, tying together multiple muscle ups and improving her snatch are Ainslie’s current goals, and considering how often she is coming and the effort put in each day it won’t be long now before those goals come to fruition.



Harry Howe

Bondi Manager

BodyByBrando, Bondi


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