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We are going to be brutally honest here. 
We know personal training is hard to fit in most people's budgets. 
To get any real result you'll have to train at least twice a week and that can become quite costly if you're someone who wants results FAST. 

That's why we have our group training model which is a lot more value for money and why we still currently have a waitlist to join. 

Whilst we could run bigger classes, that's not us. We like being in total control of our classes and actually coaching our members with more individual attention, so thy get the results they deserve. 

All of our group training members go through our mandatory Fundamentals package (4 x 1:1 PT sessions) before joining the groups. 
This is so we can find out exactly what they're looking for and we can design a strategy just for them. 

However, because we are so busy right now, 
we are looking for people who are happy to extend this Fundamentals package from 4 sessions to 10 sessions with a 1:1 coach, for no extra cost. 

Which means you'll get 5 weeks of 2 x 1:1 personal training for the same price as the group training package. 

What this means

- Those who join our extended Fundamentals Package will be the first pick when a space opens up in the group training. 

You'll Get:

- 2 x 1:1 PT sessions per week for only $97 until a space opens up in the group training 
- Individualised programming and attention to work on any technique issues you may have 
- Weekly Nutrition Consulting and measurements to stay on track with your body composition goals 
- Access to all of our member's only back end content 
- Accountability 

We do'n’t get results like this by chance