Strength training can reap so many great benefits, so why avoid it?

For many women who are just starting out, strength can be a hard concept to grasp.

Whether you’re intimidated, scared of becoming ‘too bulky’ or simply don’t know what you’re doing; I’ve heard it all before. You’re definitely not on your own.

The Beginner’s “Fundamentals Package” here at Body By Brando combines Strength and Conditioning techniques with aspects of Crossfit, Gymnastics, Mobility and Calisthenics, to transform your body into a ‘Strength machine’ and leave you injury free.

Our constantly and ever changing training regimes enable you to always be learning and developing new skills, an essential part in helping you achieve extraordinary things with your body.


You need to begin with simple movements with a low learning curve. The  fundamental movements of any strength program include the deadlift, squat, pull up, push up, and handstand. All of which have progressions and regressions depending on your experience.

Forget the machines you use at the gym, you need to build and utilise your own machine first. You have to control the way you move before you can control the way it looks!


A common misunderstanding, is that training is all about fatigue. Instead, it’s about improvements;. Don’t worry if you don’t leave every session feeling absolutely exhausted. Improvements in strength will actually be gained through smaller, simpler movements but under tension.

So,  there is no need to ‘smash yourself’ every workout in order to make progress in strength training.


It is also essential that you get comfortable with doing the exercises before adding weight, to avoid injury. Begin with about 6 reps, and 6 sets of each exercise and slowly work your way up to 1o reps, this of course will depend on your overall strength goals and progressions.

See, until you can understand how to move properly and master the connection between your mind and your muscles, your body won’t allow you to look the way you want it to.

If you want to learn how to train properly without the risk of injury, as well as gain strength like we do here; why not join us and be surrounded by beginners like yourself.

After the results we have seen from our beginners in the first few weeks, spots are selling out fast. So, join our newsletter and keep your eyes peeled for the next program.


Let’s start the building process together!



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