Beginner Program

Learn how to follow a functional fitness program so you can get lean, get strong and move with freedom.

(without getting injured)

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We have created a program that teaches people with no experience, how to safely learn the fundamental movements, fast. So they can start following functional fitness program and get the results they deserve.

What is it?

The biggest reason people don’t start their functional fitness journey and continue doing what they’ve always done (even though they have plateaued their results), is because:

1. It looks too hard and they think they could never learn the techniques

2. They’ve heard it causes injury (or has caused an injury) 

3. It’s too expensive to learn because of the 1:1 sessions it would take.

too hard

Scared of injury

costs too much

 Too many people put learning functional fitness in the “too hard basket” because of how elite and skillful it looks.

Which is why we have created the BEGINNER & BBRIDGING PROGRAM.

This program will teach you how to do all of the fundamental, functional-fitness movements safely so that you can be confident in your ability to start following a functional fitness program without getting injured.

A program designed to teach those with absolutely no functional fitness experience how to move safely and effectively so they can begin their functional fitness journey.

We have designed this program to help people learn how to move really well and understand the fundamental functional fitness movements, so they can move with freedom, become or stay pain-free and look exceptionally good as a result.

BBB’s proven systems are redefining functional fitness and helping thousands of people expand what they think is currently possible and then helping them achieve it so they can live a life on purpose.

You can be another success story if you’re willing to give it a shot.

Online Success stories

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Learn how to decrease body fat, increase lean muscle mass and look athletic.


Increase strength through range of motion whilst developing skills and fitness across multiple domains.

Pain Free

Learn how to lift safely and manage your loads with perfect technique so that you can become pain-free.


Transform the way that you perceive yourself and the world around you.

What you Get

Whether you’re looking for a body transformation, to move pain free, to regain total freedom over your movement or to finally take the leap and bridge the gap between your typical bodybuilding program and functional fitness, this program is for you. 

Its is essentially an all-encompassing program which combines our 3 favourite things:

  1. Moving really well through a large range of motion 

  2. Increasing lean muscle mass and decreasing body fat so we can look good and feel confident with how we look and move. 

  3. Increasing strength throughout this large range of motion so we can stay injury-free and reach our true athletic potential. 

The best part is, we have made it so you can do it from any commercial gym. 

Our program is so much more than just exercise – we’re leading a movement to empower YOU to become healthier, get fitter AND become mentally UNSTOPPABLE.

Daily workouts

Increase strength through range of motion whilst developing skills and fitness across multiple domains with 4 specific workouts a week.

progressions and scaling

We have multiple progressions and regressions to ensure that no matter your ability, you get a great workout.

video tutorials

Learn how to lift safely and manage your loads with perfect technique so that you can become pain-free with our in depth video tutorials

technique analysis

Our in app messaging service allows you to send us your videos and ask for feedback (from real people) who are here to help.
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Your own personal trainer in the palm of your hand.

who it's for

Does this sound like you right now?


  1. You want to lose stubborn fat, pack on muscle and get strong through a large range of motion….

  2. You’ve tried following bodybuilding workouts and realised they didn’t help you move well and you constantly felt stiff and heavy. 

  3. You’ve previously tried big franchise functional fitness circuit training and realised they can’t target what you’re looking for. 

  4. You either get too big or too skinny when you do it on your own. You can’t quite find that middle ground between building lean muscle and staying lean enough to see your abs. 

  5. You want to feel strong, fit and confident again, ready to take charge…

  6. You’re sick of the regular gym programs and want to be involved with a more fun style of training with skill development and functional fitness that gets you lean and strong at the same time.

  7. You want the motivation and accountability of an online community to keep you going and to ask questions when you need them answered. 


Step 1: begin

Complete the beginner program by passing our checkpoints. (as fast or as slow as you’d like)
Then move onto the 12-week bridging program

step 2: bridge

A 12-week guided bridging program designed to teach you the top end skills of functional fitness (like olympic lifting and gymnastics) in a very easy to digest fashion. 

step 3: Crossfit

Once you’ve completed this and if you’re still loving it, we can move you across to our functional fitness CrossFit program until the end of time. 

weekly Membership

$ 19 Per Week
  • Daily programming delivered via phone app
  • In depth video tutorials
  • Video analysis and coaching
  • Individual Nutrition Targets
  • Free Member’s only resources

monthly Membership

$ 59 Per Month
  • Daily programming delivered via phone app
  • In depth video tutorials
  • Video analysis and coaching
  • Individual Nutrition Targets
  • Free Member’s only resources


That’s more than ok. The whole reason of this program is to teach pure beginners how to lift safely and confidently at a level that suits them, so we can help you progress to our fully fledged online programs. 

We’ve designed this program to be ongoing. Each week will be the exact same program as the week before, with the aim of minimising complexity so you can focus on hitting our designated benchmark standards. Once you’ve hit our benchmarks, we will move you across to our comprehensive 12-week bridging program which is designed to teach you the more top end skills of functional fitness in a very deliberate way. 

Some people move on after their first week, where as others can take around 4-6 weeks. There’s no right or wrong, we just prefer you to take your time and move at our standards. 

Nope. We have a bunch of fundamental movements we need you to perfect, at a standard we have set (inside the program). Each day is slightly different, however, you will repeat the same week after week so you can focus on movement patterns and adding weight / intensity. 

Trust us. This is the best thing for you and once you hit our standards, you’ll be in a much better spot to tackle our other comprehensive programs. We will assign you to the new program as soon as we know you’re confident and competent and moving at our standards. 

To cancel your membership, complete the cancellation request form on our website 7-days before the next payment. Once submitted of our friendly team will contact you to arrange your cancellation. 



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