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Bali By Brando

Days Left!

Escape the winter with 6 nights + 6 days in the warm, breathtaking rice fields and beaches of Bali.
Far more than your average large group, HIIT training retreat that makes you do 1000 burpees and air squats by the pool.

We’ll actually take you on the journey of transforming the way you look, move and feel with our unique BBB methods

A week filled with BBB strength and conditioning sessions, yoga, meditation, goal setting, “Instagram worthy” food, good friends and dedicated time to learning and understanding the art of functional fitness to make one hell of a retreat.

Stay in an immaculate 5-star resort Eden Residence By the Sea, with the most friendly Balinese staff to look after your every need.

Imagine sitting back, relaxing and enjoying your holiday, but throwing in a few cheeky workouts and some mindfulness to complete your trip.

Do as much, or as little as you like. You won’t have to lift a finger (just barbell


6 Nights in 5 Star Accommodation

This place is truly epic. There is so much space to swim, lounge, chill, do handstands or learn how to juggle. Plus, we are slap bang in the middle of Seminyak and Canguu, which means we have the best of both worlds.

BBB Welcome Pack

We’ve put together a little goody bag for you as a welcoming gift to make your trip even more memorable. Filled with BBB shirts, towels, drink bottles and more.

All Breakfasts

We’ll eat breakfast each morning at the villa. We’ll be changing it up every day to suit everyone’s taste buds, but let us know if you have any favourites.

All Gourmet Dinners

Bali is renowned for its food and we want you to experience some of the best. We'll have a mix of dinners at the Villa and at gourmet restaurants

All CrossFit Training

All sessions, yoga and meditation will be included in the cost. We’ll be heading to the gym most days and training out of some amazing boxes.

Car Travel

We’ll be hiring a car and driver for the week to take us between the gyms, lunches and exploring. We are super close to everything we need, so we never have to be stuck in the car for too long.

Train, functionally

Everyday will be a structured session to dive deep into the BBB training philosophy

Move with freedom

Get a front-row seat to the principles methods of how we get our members moving with freedom

Eat for your goals and vitality

We'll explore the principles and methods of nutrition to help you transform the way you look, move and feel


A simple notion that a lot of us misunderstand. We'll teach you a new breathing technique each day to plug into your daily routine and maximise your state of clarity

Think clearly

Ever get the fuzzies? Perhaps some full-blown anxiety? We explore how you can overcome these with some epic workshops

Set goals

Most of my clients and followers are busy professionals (or want to be). We set aside some time to work on high-performance habits and set youup for even more success.

Overcome challenges

One of my favourite topics is learning how to deal with and overcome adversity. I have created some challenging but fun scenarios for you to overcome on this retreat

Have a holiday without the guilt

Ever come back from a holiday feeling like you've just wasted a trip by drinking and partying? Not this time. We'll have a couple bevvies, but you'll come back feeling a million bucks





Pricing and options


$ 2997
  • Massive room, King bed and ensuite to yourself
  • 50% now and 50% later


$ 4594 Total
  • Huge room and king bed to share with your partner
  • 50% now and 50% later

Terms and Conditions: All bookings are non-refundable unless the trip is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.


We can do this by focusing on diving into the 4 P’s.

  1. Physique: Transforming the way our athletes look, in regards to helping them reduce body fat and increase lean muscle mass so they can look athletic. This plays a huge role in the following P’s.
  2. Performance: We get people moving really well. Our training style helpts to increase skills, work capacity and strength through a large range of motion. We expand what our athletes think is humanly possible and then help them actually achieve it.
  3. Pain free: we help people our athletes get out of pain. Both physical and mental pain. We give them the gift of being pain free and expanding human potential through utilising our training and recovery strategies.
  4. Perception: we transform the way our athletes feel about themselves and their environment. We help them create an environment of acceptance and belonging that allows people to flourish and live a life on purpose.

We want to expand what people think is humanly possible and then help them actually achieve it!

We are redefining human performance and creating a community that appreciates excellence.

We want you to come along for a week away with us so that we can open your eyes to the same potential.

Each day we will be working through the hierarchy of strength and conditioning & nutrition so that you can understand everything there is to know about training.

Whether you’re a pure beginner or someone who is looking to take it to the next level, we’ve got you covered. We start with the basic progressions and dive as deep down the rabbit hole as everyone is willing to go.

Brando froths on this stuff, so if you want to know more about the science and principles of training and nutrition, he’ll sit there for hours and drum it out.

Get away from the hustle and bustle of Sydney and use this trip to fully switch off, take a fitness holiday or deep dive into the ways that Brando and his team live daily. Regardless of what you’re wanting from the trip, you’ll find it. 

We combine the perfect amount of eat, train, chill, explore and party to make this a life-changing event. 


Guests are to arrive whenever they like, as long as they are ready to go by either Sunday morning.

We will be checking into the Villa from 2PM Saturday, so if you’re around, feel free to come and join us.

Flight times into Bali are generally early evening or late at night. So we suggest getting the evening flight into Denpasar so you can make your way to the Villa and be rested for Sunday morning. 

Flight times out of Bali are usually around 10 PM-12 AM (Midnight), so we will have our last lunch together on the Friday  and then chill around the villa until it’s time to head to the to the airport (unless staying on longer).



Nope. You’ll need to organise your own way there.

We suggest getting your own travel insurance and ideally covering cancellations if possible.

If we get locked down again and the whole trip is cancelled, we will postpone the event and credit your tickets.

You will need to have a personal travel insurance for this. We will only be able to cover your ticket if the whole event is cancelled. Given the current travel climate, I think we will be fine by late September

Our breakfasts are made at the villa and very comprehensive. We buy breakfast based on what everyone wants/needs. We eat lunch at a local cafe so you’ll be able to choose what you’d like. While dinners are based at the villa or gourmet restaurants, giving you the option to choose your own meals. So you’ll be fine.

Between 2-3 meals, depending on what we are doing. There will always be food and drinks provided at the Villa for you.

Don't miss out on this life-changing event