Are you waiting for lockdown to finish before you get fit?

Are you guilty of this phrase?

“I’ll just wait until the lockdown is over before I get fit. It’s too hard at the moment and I couldn’t possibly get results without a class environment”

Which is fair enough. Our group memberships are pretty epic, however, the old saying of “tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week” rings true here. 

How many things do you put in tomorrow’s basket which we could just get done today?

I get it, going for a run, doing some burpees isn’t the funnest thing in the world, but either is brushing your teeth and yet you still do that each day.
(I hope). So where do you draw the line for your health and fitness?

Where is the critical drop off point in your decision making process that decides when something is too hard it no longer becomes a priority?

We often hear the phrase that people lack motivation, however, we feel as if motivation is a buzzword that describes the fluffy feeling of dreaming about a result. Of course it’s going to disappear. 

The real topic is discipline. And you ultimately have 2 options. Both of them have aspects of comfort and discomfort. You just have to “choose your hard”

1. Give yourself the short term satisfaction of eating junk and skipping workouts because it’s more comfortable, but then living the remainder of your time in the subtle discomfort of slow but gradual weight gain, loss of strength, increase of injury and potentially feelings of guilt.

2. Sit through the short term discomfort of saying no to cheat meals, turning up to the gym each day and doing some mobility instead of watching netflix.

Are you willing to consistently choose the mundane, short term discomforts in order to achieve the long term freedoms?

Check out these epic results and testimonials from some of our current BBB members. 


We all know what to do, but sometimes we do need some accountability to help us get there. 

For those who need help getting started or keeping the wheels in motion, we do have a very limited number of  personal training packages available which can be transferred into group packages once we re-open. Jump on the link to get started!

In other exciting news, we are opening a new location in Bondi Junction. 

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