Contrary to popular belief, the squat (if done right) is not just a leg exercise.
It is actually a full body exercise and arguably the king of muscle building, fat burning and core tightening. 

So whether your goals are to lean up, build muscle or become a better athlete, learning how to squat ‘properly’ will be the difference between long lasting results or being in the same position you’re in now, 6 months down the track. 

The principles for the movement will never change, but the intensity and volume should differ with program prescription, based on your goals. 

So ladies, don’t be put off by the above picture^^, this was obviously his goal and he engineered his program to get that way. 

So, without further ado, watch our videos and learn exactly how we teach you the perfect squat, as if you were one of our face to face clients. 
You will get our key take aways, some helpful tips and cues, as well as an insight to some common mistakes we see a lot of. 

We have something for every fitness level. 

Click one of the photos below for a quick video demonstration of how you can start implementing the “perfect squat” into your routine. 

As you become comfortable with each movement, start moving along our progression chain to the next video. 


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