Once we acknowledge the true functioning of our body, we may realise we are unable to move with ease.

If this is the case for you, it would be fair to say that you have a dis-ease.

You see, in the true sense of the term, a disease; is a disorder of a structure or function that affects part or all of an organism.

If we are not functioning at our true potential, then isn’t it fair to say we have a disease?

Whilst this may not seem like a massive problem right now, trust me, it will be.

Lets use your car as an example.

If it constantly runs off 2 cylinders rather than the full 12, (assuming we all drive an AMG Mercedes) you can begin to see how those 2 cylinders working in overdrive will sooner or later get burnt out, whilst the other 10 are already cooked.

Now apply that to your body.

If you aren’t able to move with ease and freedom, with an efficient engine (muscular system) then imagine how your body is going to treat you in return.

Rather than waiting for it to break and whinging about the Chiropractor or Physio expense. Fix it now and live a life of movement freedom.

So how can you fix this?

By increasing your flexibility, it will enable parts of your body to move with ease and freedom.

Flexibility plays a major role in any strength training program (both performance based and aesthetic goals). Without flexibility there is no range of motion and without a full range of motion, one simply cannot be “strong” or function at their true potential.

With an ultimate goal to increase the amount they can work (work capacity). One’s ability to increase work capacity is largely attributed to their ability to maintain a fully functioning body and continually overload their training in a progressive manner.

Which of course, can only be done if you are functioning at your maximum potential with limited injury.

Once your body can produce force through a full range of motion (ROM), your mind and muscle connection will improve as well as your physical capabilities.

Overall, an increased physical capability will result in a greater work capacity, an efficient muscular system and ultimately a better looking body…

Whilst the old, simple, static approach to stretching is still valid, it is time consuming and requires a long commitment. There is a much easier way to promote increased ROM and flexibility.


Heres how: 

Add weight to certain positions you want to be more flexible in to produce more force.

This can be done through using equipment or by ensuring gravity is used to its full advantage.

By forcing your muscle spindles to react to increased levels of stretch, the receptors will begin to lengthen (or stretch) resulting in more freedom and ROM.

This is achieved through spending “time under tension” in whatever position you want to feel more flexible in and progressively forcing that position into a more stressful place to over load it.





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