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There’s nothing worse than spending the best years of your life feeling weak, fat and full of injuries. 

Your body hurts. You’re feeling soft around the edges. You’ve got no support network and you’re confused with the overwhelming information that floods the internet. 

Sound familiar?

You’ve tried it on your own, you’ve tried the commercial gyms and you’ve tried to follow a free online program. 

It’s time to stop making excuses and playing it small. 

This is the fate of too many high-achievers who have been on cruise control because they don’t have the right strategies and the right environment to help them achieve their full potential. 

If you want to live life at your best, during the best years of your life, then take action and commit.


Unlike most gyms where you’re just a number and the coaches don’t care. 

At Body by Brando, we are dedicated to helping our clients get the best results through quality coaching and a high level of accountability. 



Learn how to decrease body fat, increase lean muscle mass and look athletic.


Increase strength through range of motion whilst developing skills and fitness across the 10 physical skills.

Pain Free

Learn how to lift safely and manage your loads with perfect technique so that you can become pain-free.


Transform the way that you perceive yourself and the world around you. Our world starts with our thoughts.  


… WE do this by teaching you the basics really well and PRIORITISing PERFECT MOVEMENT PATTERNS, coupled with simple nutrition and recovery strategies

What we do

We Transform The Way People Look, Whilst Helping Them Train and Stay Injury Free

Our clients come to us when they are ready to transform the way they look, train in a way that promotes lean muscular physiques, all whilst staying injury free. Because we have a team of highly qualified coaches that follow the methodologies and philosophies designed by head coach and Sport Scientist Brandon Hasick, we can ensure that our members will not only stay injury free but enjoy the highest quality of movement for both performance and longevity. 

Our passion at BodyByBrando is to empower people with the confidence to maximise their life, by giving them the tools to transform the way they look, move and feel, whilst being part of a community of high-performing individuals.

Simply put, we transform the way people look, move and feel.

Active and happy members across 2 locations and online
100+ 5 Star reviews

Who we help


Our programs are infinitely scalable, meaning that we can regress and progress any moment based on your ability and fitness level.
Everyone who starts with us gets 3 x 1:1 PT sessions included in their package, so that we can assess, address and progress you through our movement and nutrition strategies at a pace that suits you.


Because of our highly skilled coaching and programming, we can help you go from zero to hero. Our program has been used by top level athletes across a number of sports.
Once we've helped you look good and move really well, we'll coach you on managing volume and intensity to get the result you need.

How it works

Choose between the following options

Small Group Coaching

Capped group classes with high quality coaching which deliver premium results.

Personal Training

1:1 personal training packages with individualised and tailored

Online programming

Join our world class fitness community and follow our methods from anywhere.

What you get

How to Get Started


1. Book a Phone Call

During your phone call we will discuss:
  • What you're looking for
  • Which package will suit you best
  • Any questions you may have
  • 2. Choose a Package

    Get started on either the Beginner PT package or Group Package.
    Group Package includes:
  • 4 x 1:1 “Fundamental PT” sessions (week one you get 2 x sessions and week two they get 2 x sessions)
  • Why us and why are we different?


    We are university qualified coaches with years of experience


    We know how to transform people’s physique in a sustainable way


    We know how to improve our athlete’s performance


    We know how to make people feel good through our community vibes.

    What our clients say

    Michael Wilson
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    When you’re done with the quick fixes and playing with the kids and their little toys at disFuntional45 and you’re ready to learn to train, live and be awesome go to Brando’s. The coaches actually teach you a thing or two instead of just pointing to a screen for you to copy like a robot. They actually help you do things right instead of just turning up the music and ignoring you. They listen to your needs. No hype, no fuss. Just results.
    Lewis Samardzija
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    One of the best group and personal training studios in Sydney. The class community makes you feel welcome each and every time you come. It's great to find a place that has such an emphasis on not only strength and fitness but also mobility. Their training ensures that each week you are working towards a yearly periodised programming which encompasses all aspects of fitness. An amazing Strength and Conditioning facility.
    Brandon Nguyen
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    Joining BBB was life changing. I would always get anxiety when I go to the gym and it was a place where I would avoid people or any interactions. Brando has created a environment that has made going to the gym an enjoyment and a great time. BBB is not a place where it "Simon says and Simons do" but Brando educates and I have taken this education pass the gym and to my everyday life. So glad to join BBB.
    Far-Zad Rahim
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    So glad to find BBB. I had 2 years of back to back injuries and now 15 weeks 5 days a week training with no injuries at BBB. I have been active all my life and learnt more than ever since I joined BBB. If you wanna learn about a balanced fitness lifestyle with attention to every detail that matters and help you meet your goals, come and see the guys at BBB. You’ll see the difference from your assessment day like the priorities, techniques and above all the community of great coaches and training buddies.
    Adam Chugg
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    I’d been doing the same workouts at the gym for yonks and was keen for a change. I’ve been in Melbourne and doing the online program for nearly a year and it’s been the best decision I’ve made. Feeling awesome and would certainly recommend!
    Odelia Potts
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    This gym is for people who really want to build their body strength and shread their bodies with real experts that understand more than just personal training. They have been greatly helping me in the rehabilitation of my back. This is the longest stay and commitment I have made to any gym because it really is good.
    James T
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    These guys really know what they are talking about. I have spent the last month fixing an ongoing shoulder issue through their build program, tweaked by Brando to suit my needs. They check in with you on social media and/or email, and are 100% dedicated to making it as easy for you to hit the goals. Highly recommend the team.
    Ben T
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    One of the best decisions I have ever made joining the crew here. I’ve been a member for almost a year now and loved every minute. The community and the approach to training is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before and that is a testament to the whole team, particularly Brady who has worked closely with me from day one. He’s taken a genuine interest in my goals and gone above and beyond to get me moving pain free and loving every session. Can not recommend this place enough!
    Michael K
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    I joined BBB after after eight months hiatus from training during Covid 19 and within three weeks have been pleasantly surprised at the results I’ve achieved already. Brandon and his team, including my trainer Harry, have been able to set me a program, arrange me a fitness schedule including fantastic classes which I never attended before in previous gym environment, as well as Personal Personal training sessions which complement the classes. It’s not a traditional gym where vanity and pretentious postering are the norms; it’s a down to earth, professional fitness studio with great people, experts in training, and an approach that builds overall fitness and strength in a really fun way and a relaxed, social atmosphere. I train in Paddington, and if you live in Sydney’s East, I can’t see any reason you would want to train else. anywhere else.
    Travis B
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    Committed to 3 months to try it out. 3 weeks in, I signed up to a year. Coaches, programming and the crew are the best I've come across. Coaches are present and engaged. They encourage you to get the most out of showing up, making you better each session. Programming is thought out and developed to build on your lifts week on week with an emphasis on efficiency and pain free mobility. It's a community you want to be part of.
    Andrew D
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    Newbie here at BBB and without doubt I have made a great decision to join. Have already valued the genuine friendly and inclusive vibe of the joint. Have had great support from the coaches (so far that’s Louis, Lewis and Cauchi) that have an eye for detail with strong instruction setting me up me up with solid foundations and technique.
    Claudia I
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    Thank you Harry (my fabulous and supportive personal trainer), Lewis and Cauchi for being such amazing coaches. Just after three weeks, I am feeling great and motivated. I could not do it without these three, especially Harry who runs amazing personal training classes. As someone who is so prone to injuries, my form has never been better and I am truly seeing improvements week in and week out. Moreover, the group classes run by all coaches are set in a very fun, friendly and supportive environment 😊. Love love love. Will never leave.

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    We aren’t a big commercial gym. We are a small community based gym where everyone knows your name and your goals. 
    We are here to help.

    About Us

    Our members usually come to us because they want a fast, yet sustainable result. Most end up staying for the community and experience.


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