We are giving away 3x FREE 'BBB Online Experiences'

Up until recently, our online programming was only for athletes who had previous experience in gymnastics, weightlifting and Crossfit. Which meant regular people who were sick of boring routines and depressing globo gyms were stuck and we couldn't help them drop body fat and build lean muscle, whilst learning awesome skills like handstands, muscle ups and barbell complexes. 

However, we have just developed our BBB Online On-boarding System, which will hopefully help people of all ability levels develop the skills necessary to follow our online programming and train like the members of our Paddington studio, wherever and whenever they want. 

It's a 3 levelled introductory program which consists of 3 training days each week and 3 standards for for each movement. (Beginner, intermediate and advanced). 

The system is designed for people with some previous gym experience. It doesn't have to be much, but you will have to at least have had a crack at a globo gym or some bootcamps. If you're a total novice and don't know the difference between a barbell and a dumbbell, I'm terribly sorry but you will need some professional face to face coaching for your own safety (and ability to get through life without breaking in half). 

The program will suit your ability level as we have designed it so that you will stay on a your level until you are ready to progress to the next level. Very simple and easy to follow (I hope, that's why you're going to be my guinea pig. I'm a good coach but I'm hopeless at PDF's). 

Once you have completed all 3 levels at the 'Advanced' standard, you'll pretty much be a rockstar and be ready to follow a (our) strength and conditioning program confidently for the rest of your life. 

We are asking for 3 people who are confident they can follow a program for roughly 6 weeks and give us feedback throughout, as well as a testimonial at the end of their journey. 

We need you to apply below and we will let you know ASAP if we think you'll be a good fit for our program. 

Have no fear, you won't go empty handed. Everyone who applies will at least get our FREE Handstand Cheat Sheet and Bodybuilding Cheat Sheet as a thank you, but only 3 will get the full experience. Sorry. 

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